Siser Sublimation Markers

Siser Sublimation Markers

Siser Sublimation Markers  look and feel like your traditional markers, but the ink inside is anything but ordinary!! You can draw your designs on regular copy paper and heat apply them permanently onto polyester fabric or polyester-coated items!! Sublimation markers are available in 3 packs each containing 6 markers: Primary Pack – Pastel Pack – Black Pack

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

Peach, Light Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Seafoam, Light Green

2 Black (Round Tip), 2 Black (Fine Tip), 2 Black (Chisel Tip)


Chisel Tip

Fine Tip (black only)

Round Tip (black only)


Use printer or copy paper

Draw designs mirrored

Let saturated ink dry

Sublimation paper not recommended

Applies to

White or light-colored polyester garments

Polyester coated hard goods

Heat Press application (Fabrics)


45 seconds*

Firm pressure

Peel hot

Heat Press application (Hard goods)


60 seconds*

Firm pressure

Peel Hot

Home Iron application (Fabrics)

Silk setting

90 seconds*

Firm pressure

Peel hot

NB: For large design, press 90 seconds each sections


Wait 24 hours before washing

Max 40°

Dry on delicate setting

Do not bleach or dry clean

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