Sublimation & Textile

Sublimation GZS3204 PLUS

Affordable Industrial Level Sublimation Solution!

• A Wide Range of Applications Solution
• GnTek recirculation Solution
• HFM Degassing Module+GZ Degassing Unit
•  Industrial Stability and High Speed
• Multi-function Feeding & Taking Up System
• Intelligent Printing Table Design

Model  GZS3204 PLUS / GZS3208 PLUS
Print Head  4 Starfire 1024(10pl)  / 8 Starfire  1024(7pl)
Ink  C.M.Y.K dye sublimation ink/ textile pigment ink
Ink Supply System  GnTek Negative Pressure Recirculation System
Printing Width  Max. 3200mm
Media Type  Polyester textile, Transfer paper, Wall paper, etc.
Roll Diameter  Max. 500mm
Core Diameter  3 in (76.2mm)
Roll Weight  Max. 80KGS (heavy feeding system)
Drying System  Post heater and Three IR Driers
Printing Speed  GZS3204 PLUS                GZS3208 PLUS
600×400dpi  241㎡/h     600×800dpi    241㎡/h

600×600dpi  168㎡/h     600×1200dpi  168㎡/h

600×800dpi  130㎡/h     600×1600dpi  168㎡/h

Data Interface  External: USB3.0; Internal: High-speed optical fiber
Working Environment  Temp. 23℃~29℃, Humidity: 50%~80%
Software  Ergosoft GZ Edition…+GZ control console
Power  50Hz/AC, 220V±10% 8A(printer)+16.73Ax3(IR Drying system)
Packed / Installed Size  LxWxH(mm): 5250x1350x1970 / 5066x1151x1717
G.W. / N.W.  1597KGS / 1180KGS