Roland VersaUV LEC2 S-Series


• Available in two widths, 762mm (30”) and 1625mm (64”), and in 3 length configurations*

• Offers a printable height of 200mm and weight capacity on the printing table of 100kg/m2

• New extended EUV5 ink options, delivering superior scratch and chemical resistance, with printable primer for maximum media compatibility

• Available in double CMYK for increased productivity, or CMYK with optional orange, red, white, gloss and primer configurations.
*F300 and F400 configurations available only with the LEC2-640S 1625mm (64”) model

The ultimate in versatile print production

Deliver high-quality vibrant and impactful graphics onto a vast range of objects and substrates, including metal, plastic, board, wood, canvas, vinyl, paper and much more besides, accommodating material up to 200mm height.

Promotional & Personalised Objects

Produce promotional giveaways, personalised gifts, branded merchandise and trophies.

• Print onto a variety of objects or create a single bespoke piece with minimal set-up time. Jigs can be made to host specific items.

• Deliver the finest printing quality avoiding the need for reprints and ensuring a premium price point.

• Printed goods are ready-to-ship immediately, so you can always be the fastest to market.

• Easy to integrate into existing workflows or business operations, such as E-shop sales or order fulfilment processes.

Packaging Mock-ups & Proofs

Create realistic packaging mock-ups, proofs onto original or substitute substrates, with a range of special effects.

• Deliver beautiful print quality with the finest precise details, for the most discerning customers.

• Create premium and unique special effects, such as varnishing, embossing, haptic textures or hot foil simulation.

• Deliver multiple variations, in response to small or changing requests, at low cost and high speed.

• Achieve colour-accurate mock-ups and proofs that match the customer’s desired output, brand identity and needs.

• Accurate printing even with up-to an 8mm head gap between the print head and the substrate.

Sign & Graphics

Deliver exhibition graphics, retail signage, vehicle wrapping, display visuals, POP/POS, both indoor and outdoor.

• Deliver higher profit margins on specialist signage jobs, with primer ink included for tricky substrates.

• Automatic optimisation of the overall production time skipping gaps between printed objects.

• Instantly ready for finishing and installation, for fast turnaround times on last-minute jobs or extraordinary requests.

Industrial Print

Print images onto control panels, product housing, measurement devices or even large items such as doors or floor panels up to 200mm height.

• Reduce production costs, storage costs and time vs. analogue technologies, such as screen or pad printing.

• Add sequential numbering, codes, variable logos or personalised images into the production workflow in a single run.

• A proven reliability record, and a top-class support and consultancy service to satisfy any production need.

• Integrate VersaWorks 6 into existing production workflows quickly and easily.

Model LEC2-330S-F200 Flatbed
LEC2-640S-F200 Flatbed
LEC2-640S-F300 Flatbed
LEC2-640S-F400 Flatbed
LEC2-330S-B200 Belt
LEC2-640S-B200 Belt
Printing method Piezo ink-jet
Acceptable media Width 762 mm 1625 mm 1625 mm 1625 mm 762 mm 1625 mm
Thickness/height 0.01 to 200mm
Weight bed 100 kg / m2  100 kg / m2   100 kg / m2  100 kg / m2 Max 20 kg / 180 mm Max 40 kg / 210 mm
Bed size 820 (W) x 2085 (D) mm 1696 (W) x 2090 (D) mm 1696 (W) x 3090 (D) mm 1696 (W) x 3818 (D) mm 795 (W) x 1750 (D) mm 1665 (W) x 1750 (D) mm
Printing size*1 736 (W) x 1500 (L) x 200 (H) mm 1615 (W) x 1500 (L) x 200 (H) mm 1615 (W) x 2500 (L) x 200(H) mm 1615 (W) x 3148 (L) x 200(H) mm 736 (W) x Unlimited (L) x 200(H) mm 1615 (W) x Unlimited (L) x 200(H) mm
Ink cartridges Type Roland ECO-UV EUV-5
Colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, White, Gloss, Primer
Vacuum system Vacuum zones 1 1 2 3 1 1
Printing resolution (dpi) Max. 1440 dpi
Movement method High resolution stepping motor
Distance accuracy *2 Error of less than ±0.3% of distance travelled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Horizontal repeat accuracy *3 ±0.01mm
Output modes Continuous, unload, return to origin, layered
Media height setting Manual, auto sensor
Surface control Manual, auto sensor
Control interface 7″ Colour LCD touch screen
Interface Ethernet Base 10/100
Power saving function Automatic sleep feature
Power requirements 230V 16A 2P+E 230V 16A 2P+E 230V 16A 2P+E 230V 16A 2P+E 230V 16A 2P+E 230V 16A 2P+E
Power consumption Print with vacuum Max. 2.5 kw Max. 2.2 kw Max. 2.6 kw Max. 3.5 kw Max. 2.0 kw Max. 2.2 kw
Sleep mode 150 W
Acoustic noise level Print with vacuum <70 db
During standby <40 db
Dimensions Printer unit 1945(W) x 2152 (D) x 1780 (H) mm 2819 (W) x 2152 (D) x 1780 (H) mm 2819 (W) x 3152 (D) x 1780 (H) mm 2819 (W) x 3880 (D) x 1780 (H) mm 1945 (W) x 2300 (D) x 1780 (H) mm 2819 (W) x 2300(D) x 1780 (H) mm
Control tower 530 (W) x 530 (D) x 1080 (H) mm
Weight (Kg) 400 + 50 kg
(Control tower)
600 + 50 kg
(Control tower)
800 + 50 kg
(Control tower)
1000 + 50 kg
(Control tower)
420 + 50 kg
(Control tower)
640+ 50 kg
(Control tower)
Weight distribution 6 points – 6 feet (80 mm diameter) 8 points – 8 feet (80 mm diameter) 10 points – 10 feet (80 mm diameter) 6 points – 6 feet (80 mm diameter)
Environment Power on Temperature: 20 to 32ºC (68 to 90ºF) (22ºC [72˚F] or more recommended) , Relative humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Power off Temperature: 5 to 40˚C (41 to 104˚F), Relative humidity: 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Included accessories RIP Software,  User manual, Power cable, cleaning kit, installation toolbox
Shipping Dimensions 3000 (W) x 1500 (D) x 1800 (H) mm 3400 (W) x 2000 (D) x 1800 (H) mm 4000 (W) x 2000 (D) x 1800 (H) mm 4000 (W) x 2000 (D) x 1800 (H) mm 3000 (W) x 1500 (D) x 1800 (H) mm 2000 (W) x 3400 (D) x 1800 (H) mm
Shipping Weight (Net + Pallet) 430 kg Printer + 80 Kg Tower and wooden box + Pallet 120 kg 630 kg Printer + 80 kg Tower and Wooden Box + Pallet 160 kg 800 kg Printer + 80 kg Tower and Wooden Box + Pallet 210 kg 1000 kg Printer + 80 kg Tower and Wooden Box + Pallet 210 kg 560 kg Printer + 80kg Tower and Wooden Box + Pallet 120 kg 760 kg Printer + 80 kg Tower and Wooden Box + Pallet 160 kg

Specifications, designs and dimensions listed may be subject to change without notice.

*1 Maximum printable width with margins set to minimum.  Some media/objects may be less. Please check prior to printing.
*2 With Roland PET film, print travel: 1 m. Temperature: 25°C (77°F),relative humidity: 50%
*3 The following conditions must be met: Media type: Media specified by Roland DG Corp. Side margins: 25 mm or more for both the left and right margins. Front margin: 35 mm or more. Excluding expansion/contraction
of the media Range for assured repetition accuracy length 3000 mm


Software System Requirements

 VersaWorks 6 System Requirements
Operating system Windows® 10 (32/64-bit), Windows® 8.1 (32/64-bit),
Windows® 7 Professional / Ultimate (32/64-bit)
CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
RAM 2 GB or more recommended
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1280 x 1024 or more recommended
Free disk space (HDD/SSD) 40 GB or more recommended
Hard-disk file system NTFS format
Other Internet connection recommended
Code Description
EUV5-5CY ECO-UV Ink Cyan, 500 cc
EUV5-5MG ECO-UV Ink Magenta, 500 cc
EUV5-5YE ECO-UV Ink Yellow, 500 cc
EUV5-5BK ECO-UV Ink Black, 500 cc
EUV5-5OR ECO-UV Ink Orange, 500cc
EUV5-5RE ECO-UV Ink Red, 500cc
EUV5-5GL ECO-UV Ink Gloss, 500 cc
EUV5-5PR Primer, 500 cc
EUV5-WH ECO-UV Ink White, 220 cc


Code Description
SL-CL Cleaning liquid, 220 cc
L2044A8202 BOFA Air purification unit
ASB-330S Anti-static bar for LEC2-330S-F200 Flatbed and LEC2-330S-B200 Belt
ASB-640S Anti-static bar for LEC2-640S-F200, F300 and F400 Flatbed and LEC2-640S-B200 Belt
3 x TM-F-UN Tilting mechanism for LEC2-330S-F200 Flatbed, LEC2-640S-F200 Flatbed, LEC2-330S-B200 Belt
4 x TM-F-UN Tilting mechanism for LEC2-640S-F300 Flatbed
5 x TM-F-UN Tilting mechanism for LEC2-640S-F400 Flatbed

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