Large Format Printers


Materials with different specifications and thicknesses (50 mm) which can be used in sectors such as promotion, advertisement, furniture, decoration, glass, textile, etc. prints with high resolution and much better quality with 2880 dpi and 13 Pl Thanks to the strong quadro local vacuum, which is designed for the printing system, UV Hybrid provides that the material to be printed is grasped firmly. By means of this grasping, it’s possible to make photograph-quality prints on the material to be printed from a height of 1 mm. Platinum Q3 Hybrid is also able to print on various type of roll materials such as vinly, banner etc.

Axis MotorsKonica Minolta 1024i – Ricoh Gen5/Gen6
Color ScaleCMYK + Lc + Lm + W + V
Drop Volume6 Pl. – 13 Pl. – 7 Pl. – 5 Pl.
Drying SystemUV Curing – LED Curing
HardwareLCD Monitor
Ink TypesUV – LED
Machine Weight3500 kg.
Power Requirements230v (+/-) 10% / 40A / 50HZ / 60HZ
Print Height50 mm
Print Resolution2880 DPI – 1200 DPI – 2400 DPI
Print Speed Up to120 m2/s
Print Width3200mm
Printhead Quantity16 (Max.) – 8 (Max.) – 6 (Max.)
RIP SoftwarePhotoPrint – Caldera (Opt.)