CNC Cutters

Jwei CB03II

Higher cutting precision, especially for small shapes like small circle.

Upgrade of table and enhanced vacuum suction.

Integrated cable layout, One-whole head guard.

  Model No.   CB03II-2513RM       CB03II-2516RM      CB03II-1113      CB03II-1816RM
  Multifunctional head   Easy to change different tools. Engraving and router. Oscillating thorough cutting/ Kiss cutting/ Creasing/ Plotting/ Laser positioning, and   precise camera registration.
  Tools   Various kinds of cutting blades, different size of creasing wheels
  Safety device   Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable
  Max. Speed   Up to 1500 mm/s
  Cutting speed   Up to 1200 mm/s(Depends on different materials)
  Cutting thickness   Up to 50mm(Depends on different materials)
  Cutting material   All kinds of corrugated paper, grey cardboard, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, honey  comb plate,  light slide,  PP gum, car sticker, flag       fabric, EPE foam, foam, arcylic  etc.
  Repeatability   Up to 0.05 mm
  Repeat Precision   Up to 0.01 mm
  Buffer memory   2GB
  Interface   Ethernet port
  Work command   HP-GL compliant format
  Transmission distance   Up to 350m
  Transmission system   Digital servo driver, straight rail, synchronous  belt, guide screw
  Numerical control panel   EN LED Touch screen
  Power Supply   AC 380V/220V±10% , 50HZ/60HZ
  Working Environment   Temperature 0-35 degree; Humidity 60% – 80%
  Effective Cutting Area   2500mm*1300mm                  2500mm*1600mm                   1100mm*1300mm                   1800mm*1600mm