GZ WD1804E/ 08E

The best quality eco solvent printer provides PU solutions with a belt system. This machine uses the specialized GZ specific PU ink to offer exceptional adhesion, flexibility and durability on various materials.

Print Head
The Epson i3200 E1 print head of the eco solvent printer ejects ink onto substrates to get the required output. It features advanced piezo variable dot technology to create the tiny exact droplet for high-resolution printing. The head delivers exceptional details on the output, excellent outdoor durability that makes it a preferred choice for various large-format printing needs.

Drying System
The best quality eco solvent printer has a dual infrared dryer as a drying system that accelerates ink drying on printed substrates instantly. By emitting focused IR heat, it enhances production speed and reduces drying time. Ensures uniform drying, enabling quick turnaround times and offers improved efficiency.

Variable Dot Technology
The piezo variable dot technology (Greyscale) efficiently controls the droplet size, resulting in variable dot printing. It creates precise ink droplets that vary in size, producing gradients, fine details and smoother tones. By adjusting droplet size, it conserves ink, optimizes color precision, impressive output and image sharpness.

Anti-collision System
The anti-collision system acts as an automatic obstacle detection that prevents the print head from damage by detecting the problem on the printing operation path. It utilizes the sensors to find the collision, halts the machine and safeguards the head & other components.

RIP Software
The machine uses the PhotoPRINT/Riin RIP software with GZ PrintExp to interpret digital image files, transfer the file graphics into printer understandable commands. It gives exact color reproduction, efficient ink usage, color management, nesting and supports for output quality.

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