Diferro DL-13B200C

Our latest “DL” Series has evolved and now includes many unique new features. Diferro have created a truly cost effective machine that is not only built to last, but also offers multiple configuration choices and the performance required for an efficient highspeed print finishing experience. Although it is mainly used for textile transfer printing, it can also be used for other heat transfer operations.


  • Digital Paper Rolls to Rolls of Fabric


  • Film Lamination
  • Foil Printing


The drum is made of ST44 drawn steel pipe and all standard models are finished with surface grinding. On request the drum surface can also be plated with either chrome or Teflon. Inside the drum is one single heating unit that consists of three pieces. The drum is filled with transfer heating oil that fills up 60% of the inner volume. The failsafe-switch mechanism helps balance the inner pressure, and will deactivate the machine should there be any issues regarding the gasses generated by heated oil so to avoid injury or damage. The heat sensor is placed on the surface of the drum, this enables more accurate readings and provides better print results. Maximum Working Temperature and Temperature Restrictions can be easily adjusted via the Touch-Screen Panel.


All of our machines are equipped with 100% Nomex seamless industrial felt belts that are reinforced with Kevlar material in order to avoid stretching. The expected lifetime for the belt on this unit is between 3 & 5 years depending on use. In order to eliminate movement of the felt belt to either side the machine is built with an automated-felt centering mechanism. The felt tension and the felt centering system are both airoperated (Pneumatic). Should the compressor fail to supply the required air for the system, the machine halts and alerts the operator to prevent lasting damage to the belt.


  • General control of the machine such as speed, temperature etc.
  • Metre Counter
  • Weekly Programming
  • Auto- Cooling
  • Touch-screen to Access various functions


Protection Paper
Input       : Pneumatic Brake System
Output    : Manually Adjusted Automatic Rewind

Digital Paper
Input       : Pneumatic Brake System
Output    : Manually Adjusted Automatic Rewind

Roll Fabric
Input       : Manually Adjusted Fabric Tension System
Output    : Potency Controlled Double Roll Rewind

Heating System Heat Transfer Oil
Max.Temperature 220c°
Average Heating Time 60 – 80 min
Average Cooling Time 150 min.
Power Supply 380 VAC – 3 Ph 50/60 Hz
Air Intake (bar) 5 – 8 BAR
Electrical System PLC Control
Felt Tension System Pneumatic
Felt Control System Automatic
Drive Speed Control AC Inverter
Paper Un-wind Re-wind Compressed Shaft
Weekly Programming Yes
Automatic Shut-Down Yes
Safety 4 Emergency Buttons – Safety Wire
Software Language English (Optional)
Warranty 2 years Mechanical, 1 year Electrical (User Fault Exempted)

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