ColibriTechnic is carefully designed to reduce maintenance
to a minimum.
With popular RIPsoftware each print will be produced in a quality way beyond any competition, but still inkjet dtf every aspect
of the print will be optimized in order to make it cost effective.

  • More Intelligent
  • Low Maintenance
  • High volume production
  • Self preservation function
  • More convenient operation
  • With upgradeable options
Printing Technology Micro Piezo Inkjet Printing
Print Head 2*F1080 Print Heads
Material PET Film
Color Manage ICC or density curve
Media Heating System Powder & color fixing machine
Interface RJ-45/LAN
Printing width Up to 300 mm
Type Transfer Pigment Ink
Colors CMYKLcLm+W
Printing resolution (dpi) 1440 dpi

Applications of DTF Printer
Commonly used products such as T-shirts, hats, backpacks, lanyards, shoes and more to create unique fashion pieces. It can
also be used in denim clothes, non-woven bags, gift bags, pearl clothing, baseball caps, fabric gift boxes, etc. Make your travel outfit unique.

• T-shirt
• Canvas
• Backpacks
• Shoes
• Baseball Caps
• Sweaters
• Denim/Jeans
• Hoodies
• Lanyards
• Gift Bags
• Fabric Gift Boxes

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