Lamidesk SuperSpeed CNC Series

why CNC ?, it is a revolution….
CNC control is the logical evolution of the motorised version, and causes a revolution…
CNC is normally used when some operations are repeatable and performed many times.
We found three positions which are used during each stroke on applicator.
CNC control can repeatedly achieve these programable positions fast, easily and exactly.

SS300/160LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED3.0m x 1.6mEnquiry Only
SS300/210LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED3.0m x 2.1mEnquiry Only
SS400/160LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED4.0m x 1.6mEnquiry Only
SS400/210LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED4.0m x 2.1mEnquiry Only
SS500/160LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED5.0m x 1.6mEnquiry Only
SS500/210LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED5.0m x 2.1mEnquiry Only
SS600/160LAMIDESK SUPERSPEED6.0m x 1.6mEnquiry Only

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