CNC Cutters

Jwei LSC1509

LSC1509 Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter

LS series cutting plotter is a model with superior speed and accuracy. Supported by a DSP control center and digital servo motor, it wins the market by its best cost-performance. The LS series cutting plotter has two tool-holders on the head and is universal for inserts of cutting knifes, scoring tools or plotting pens. One cutting plotter can maximize the application range. The LS series cutting plotter is equipped with various kinds of cutting and impressing blades and can be used in the cutting, plotting and impressing of many materials such as PVC board, PP board and white card paper. The LS series cutting plotter helps you save time while reducing the cost. It is able to process cardboards, paper, PVC, film, sticker, etc. The maximum cutting depth is up to 2mm, depending on material density. The LS series cutting plotter is a CE certified product. We offer an English LCD menu. We welcome custom orders.


  Function  Thorough cutting/Kiss cutting/Creasing/Plotting/Lasor Locating
  Max. Speed  Up to 1000mm/s
  Max. Cutting Depth  ≤1.5mm(up to 1,000 gsm paper)
  Cutting Media  Cardboard,PVC Board,kraft paper,Magnetic sheet,PET sheet,printing blankets,etc.
  Tools  Gel-ink pen / Special tungsten carbide blade/ Creasing tool
  Media Fixture Method  Vacuum suction
  Repeat Precision  ≤0.1mm
 Programmable Resolution  0.025 / 0.01 / 0.1 available
  Interface  Ethernet port
  Buffer Memory  1G
  Command Mode  HP-GL compatible format
  Operational Panel  Liquid crystal display panel with push contacts
  Transmission system  Imported servo driver; synchronous belt
  Power Supply  AC 220V +/- 10%, 50HZ / 60HZ
  Fuse  2A、30A
  Working Environment  10 to 35 deg.C
  Effective Cutting Area  1350mm*750mm
  Machine size  1870mm*1620mm*1000mm